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Women’s Day Edit: Gift ideas for the women in your life

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The women in our life deserve all that life can give. Whether it’s your mom, sister, partner or your closest friend, giving them the love we have can mean the world to them. So, let’s pay attention to what brings them joy and give a gift that they’ll love. It can be a scrumptious meal or a thoughtful bouquet of cash (‘cause why not?) – whatever it may be, this International Women's Day, let’s show them how much they mean to us!

Now, we know that nailing the right gift can be a lot. You’ve got an endless amount of choices to pick from with no end in sight. Luckily for you, Scentses + Co has your back. Read on to check out some gift ideas you can give to the most important women in your life.

1. Scented candles

Just like how the lighting of a room can affect its mood, the same goes for its scent. So, why not give them a great-smelling space with a beautifully-smelling scented candle? You’ve got a lot of choices to pick from that there’s bound to be a scent for her – from your traditional aromas like lavender to curated profiles like the Jo Malone collection, making her space smell like heaven will be easy.

2. Body pillow

There’s nothing like a large and plush pillow to make her feel comfy and embraced. With a body pillow, sleeping will be as pleasant as it can get.

3. A glamorous staycation or out-of-town vacation

Every woman needs some time to unwind and just let loose. And there’s nothing like a soothing vacation, away from the everyday tasks and being indulged in relaxation. Give her the gift of a vacation and let her sleep in and enjoy. It can be a cosy stay by the beach or a full-blown relaxing staycation at a hotel or even at home. Just make sure to make her vacation the way she’d want it to be – relaxing.

4. Perfume subscription

Smelling good brings confidence and an uplifted mood. Whether she’s headed out for work, doing errands, or having a lunch-out with friends, a good fragrance can go a long way in bringing some strut in her walk. So, it makes sense to gift her a scent that she’ll love and adore. And with countless aromas and fragrances out there, it can be tricky to figure out which one to get. Luckily, perfume subscriptions exist, just like our very own Scentses + Co’s monthly perfume subscription. With this gift, she’ll have an assortment of outstanding fragrances to choose from and wear. She’ll surely walk with a strut like no other.

5. Topnotch cookware

Does she find cooking meditative? Or maybe she just loves good food? Then, give her topnotch cookware that’ll inspire her to cook her favourite meals and food she’s always wanted to try. From Dutch ovens, carbon woks, and chef’s knives, having quality made, long-lasting cookware will not only inspire confidence in her cooking, but will lead to satisfied taste buds and a jam-packed belly.

6. A personalised journal

Sometimes, all she wants to do is write down her life musings, may it be thought-provoking ideas or just the mundane. But, most of the time, writing is a form of self-care that she takes close to heart. With that, why not give her a personalised journal that reflects who she is. While you’re at it, add some flair to your gift by making sure it’s made with high-grade paper which feels smooth to write on.

7. Home plants

If she’s got a natural inclination to take care of living things, giving her a plant as a gift might be a great idea. Help her spruce up her space and practise her gardening skills by gifting fabulous houseplants.

8. Pottery-making classes

Gifts can be in the form of experiences, too. That said, why not drag her along for a pottery-making class? She’ll get to experience the zen art of crafting her very own ceramics and most of all, have fun while doing it! You’ll not only learn and try making pottery, but you’ll get to take home your work, too.

9. A sweet set of earrings

Wearing accessories is one of the many ways women express themselves. It can be a fancy necklace or a fabulous bag. For some, they prefer simple yet stylish, some want it loud and attention-grabbing. Try giving the women in your life earrings! They’re easy to find and pick out. It can be the classic pearl earrings or maybe an adorable set of sunflower ones – whichever you choose, it’ll surely be a much-appreciated gift.

10. Ergonomic work set-ups

The last few years saw the rise of work-from-home setups. It brought with it this movement of workspaces that are functional yet Pinterest-worthy. Together with that, more thought was given to how you’d interact with your devices. This Women’s Day, why not give her a set of ergonomic accessories that will help her work whilst feeling comfy. A premium ergonomic chair can be a top choice here, but if that’s too heavy (literally and metaphorically) for your wallet, then start with the basics. Start with an ergonomic mouse and keyboard.

Pay attention, give attention

International Women’s Day is a chance to learn how you can give and show your appreciation for the women who matter to you. Don’t stress too much on which gift to give, ‘cause at the end of the day, it’s always the thought that counts.

Can’t figure out what gift to give your loved ones? Why not shower them with amazing fragrances that’ll leave them feeling great and smelling great? Here at Scentses + Co, you have multiple gifting options: Sign them up for a monthly subscription, purchase a Build-a-Gift Box, or get the e-Gift Card.

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