Every Scent Counts

to a True Full Expression of Your Personality

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Designer Fragrance Subscription

A new fun way to discover luxury designer fragrances without commitment! We believe that scent-discovery should always be fun, exciting and affordable.

Get access to a 30-day supply of hundreds of authentic designer fragrances delivered to your door for just RM49.90/month. 

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From left: Sabreena, Sadira and Sandra


Same-Same, but Different

Meet the trio-sisters Sadira, Sabreena & Sandra.
We are three sisters born in the millennial who questioned ourselves the same identity conundrum: Who are we exactly? and How can we best express ourselves uniquely?

That's when we chance upon the power of perfume it does to our self-searching and self-discovery.
The scent-discovery empowers and enables us
to express ourselves freely.
And it's our mission to bring the fun yet empowering experience to you! 

Our Media Feature
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From left: Sabreena, Sadira and Sandra

Hi there, Scentennial!

Welcome to the community that smells good!
At Scentses + Co, we believe every scent counts to a true full expression of your personality.
Seizing this unprecedented opportunity, we would like to invite you
to embark on a journey of self-discovery with us using scents.  
With a diverse collection of curated luxury designer fragrances,
it is our mission empower you to explore and create your own scent experience! 

See you around smelling as good as you uniquely are!

— Sadira Yeong, CEO

We're a BizTrust-Certified Business by SSM Malaysia

Official BizTrust Secure Seal
Companies Commission Of Malaysia,
(Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia)

We recognise that the foundation to a sustainable business is Trust & Credibility in our Scentses + Co Community, and constantly work towards the direction of making sure that we provide a safe and secure environment for our customers.

It is with pride and happiness that we announced our continued effort has been recognised by SSM Malaysia with the accreditation of BizTrust Secure Seal & Certification, and we pledge to never stop improving and growing to serve you better!


Fam that smells like Bam!


Monthly Dose of Self-Affirmation

Receive different self-affirmation quotes uniquely matched to your scent of the month as our little efforts to make your days better!


Editorial & Scent Recommendation

Unsure of what perfume to get?
Our Editorial Team is here for you! Visit our Editorial's Instagram & DM for free consultation!


Gift Surprises

We love surprising our subscribers. 
Get prepared to receive gifts on your 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th month! The gift gets bigger!

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