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Why You Should Sign Up for a Perfume Subscription

Why You Should Sign Up for a Perfume Subscription

Being able to express yourself openly is just one of the joys we get to have with our community. It can be through the way you speak, your body language or even the way you dress, but none are as intuitive as a good spritz of a perfectly-matched perfume. With just one whiff, you’ve already said a thousand words. That said, finding the right perfume can be such a headache that most people just don’t bother anymore. Luckily for you, perfume subscriptions exist and are here to make your fragrance adventure a walk in the park.

But, what are perfume subscriptions, and why should you sign-up for one? Well, perfume subscriptions are, in their most basic sense, monthly subscriptions to a plethora of fragrances that the world has to offer. It removes the problem of acquiring a full bottle of perfume that you don’t even like. Not only that, it’s friendly to your wallet and leaves you with peace of mind, knowing that you didn’t spend a kidney on a designer perfume you won’t end up wearing a lot. They’re a great gateway for those who are starting their dive into the world of fragrances.

Still not convinced? Well, here are a few more reasons why you should take a shot at perfume subscriptions.

It’s friendly to your wallet

While monthly subscription costs can add up, it’s still a far cry from spending a load of cash on a single bottle of perfume you might not even like by the end of the night. With a subscription-based perfume, you get to experience your money’s worth, down to the last cent.

Not only do perfume subscriptions save you money, but they also help you avoid getting buyer’s remorse. The last thing you want after spending your hard earned money is to feel guilty about it. Not with perfume subscriptions – here, you’ll find an endless assortment of bang-for-the-buck fragrances for your adventures.

Goodbye to choice paralysis

When it comes to making choices, most people think that the more choices you have, the better, when in reality, it’s not. Having a multitude of choices all at once can stop anyone right in their tracks. With perfume subscriptions, you get 3-5 sample bottles and that’s it for the month. It gives you just enough control and room to play around without having to go crazy about which perfume to wear. With perfume subscriptions, you’ll be jumping over the problem of deciding which goes best with your outfit.

You get to explore

With countless brands and types of perfumes that can come knocking at your doorstep, the possibilities are endless. When you subscribe, you get access to sought-after perfumes such as Chanel No. 5, Le Labo Santal 33, and so on. You’ll be able to explore and get to know what makes the perfect perfume for you.

Perfume subscription providers even include essential information regarding your perfumes for that month. It gives you info on its ingredients, notes, and origin. You don’t only get to smell great, but you get to expand your olfactory knowledge of different fragrances from different brands without breaking a sweat! It’ll be like having your very own miniature perfume bar.

Express yourself as much as you can

Why don’t you mix it up a little? Mix those perfumes you have to get that Younique fragrance that’ll knock them out of their socks. With perfume subscription’s variety and diverse collections, being able to mix and match the right perfumes to better express yourself can be a fun way to wear them. Or, surprise yourself and get a perfume you haven’t tried ever, or just blind spritz them onto yourself. Whatever the case may be, with its room for exploration and ease on the wallet, you’ll be able to explore and express yourself better.

It’s convenient

Imagine having to go through countless bottles and salespeople to figure out the right perfume for you. Well, it's a good thing you don’t have to. If you sign up for a monthly service, you get to have the ease and comfort of your home, waiting for that fragrance subscription to arrive. Perfume subscriptions remove the in-betweens that make it difficult to get one. It’s easy: You pick, wait, wear, and enjoy.

What if I have to cancel?

You don’t have to be anxious about your wallet here. When it comes to perfume subscriptions, there are no strings attached, especially with Scentses + Co. Here at Scentses + Co, you may cancel or pause your drop-offs with no fuss. That’s the beauty of perfume subscriptions – it’s flexible.

Smell great everyday when you sign-up for a perfume subscription!

When it comes to smelling great and feeling great everyday, you can’t go wrong with the first perfume subscription in Malaysia, your very own Scentses + Co. With us, you’ll be skipping a lot of the headaches a dedicated olfactory connoisseur once had to go through. So sign up now and let’s get that perfect fragrance for you!


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