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Why Perfume Bottle Design Matters

Ever heard of the saying “First impressions last”? Well, the same applies to perfumes and their bottles. Much like the scent it holds, the bottle’s design, colour, and even the way it spritzes are huge factors in helping translate the scent better. If you’ve ever grabbed a bottle of perfume because of the way it looks, we’re here to tell you that that’s totally normal!

Bottle design helps tell the story

Photo by Valeria Boltneva

Perfume bottle designs can range from every shape and colour you can imagine. Some bottles have the most intricate glasswork you could see. While others have a more classic and bold approach, there are those with the most minimalist looks.

Through the bottle design, perfumers get a chance to tell the story of their scent even prior to a customer getting a single whiff of it. It tells you about who they are, what their brand stands for, and what kind of scent awaits you in that bottle.

It affects your perception of the scent

You might not know it, but bottle design affects how you perceive the scent it carries. This is precisely why perfumers work extra hard to develop the look of the bottle. It could range from luxurious, to casual, and everything in between. With just a glimpse of the bottle, the intent is that you’ll instantly know what type of scent it is.

Research has shown that we associate certain shapes and colours with specific moods and atmospheres. Red and yellow are perceived as bright, fruity, and floral. Blues bring the coldness of ice or the cleanliness it brings. And earth tones like green and brown leave you with the warm woody aroma of the forest. Hard shapes like cubes are an indicator of strength and boldness. While spherical or flowing bottle designs leave you with softness or a mysterious feeling. 

It creates a lasting impression

Photo by Felicia Tai

Perfumes have been around for quite a while now. We already have scents that we can consider timeless which people recognize with just one sniff. You have the classic scents like Chanel No. 5, or even the Marc Jacobs Daisy. Along with the timelessness of their scent is the infallibility of their bottle designs.

Let’s take the famous Marc Jacobs Daisy as an example. It’s one of the most iconic scents out there being regarded as the perfect flower power scent for summer days. And just like the lasting floral scent it holds, the bottle makes its mark on history as an iconic bottle design.

Even with bottle design, the devil is in the details

Just as it was with telling stories, designing perfume bottles is a tedious and long process, with details being refined by their makers and the scent creators down to the finest line. This shows the perfumers’ amazing attention to detail and their level of commitment to the craft, all so they can deliver the best experience to the wearer.

It’s an avenue for creativity and art

A perfume bottle, on its own, is simply an artwork. That’s what they are meant to be other than being a vessel for your lovely scent. The reason hours go into designing a bottle is that it’s meant to be an objet d’art — a small art collection, to be enjoyed upon.

It’s also a perfect breeding ground for designs that go beyond the conventional bottle. Lately, more and more designers are exploring out-of-the box approaches to delivering their scents – take for example the COMME des GARÇONS’ Concrete perfume that mimics the actual texture of concrete, or the Ron Arad collaboration with Kenzo where they made a bottle that perfectly evokes sensuality. 

Grab that bottle

If you’ve ever felt guilty for impulsively grabbing a scent just because of the bottle design, then you shouldn’t feel any shame at all! We totally get you — we all love pretty things! And wouldn’t it be so nice to have your favourite perfume in not just an ordinary vessel but a piece of art?This just goes to show that art and design, when partnered with the right scent, can go a long way— a perfect representation of not just the perfumer, but the type of scent you love enveloping yourself in.


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