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Want to Layer your Perfume? Follow these 5-Step Guide


We can all agree that we want our perfume to last us all day long and not just a few hours after we’ve left our home. Also, it can be pretty challenging to choose which perfume to put on for the day, especially if you have a wide collection of scents.

With so many scents to choose from, it might be a challenge to know how to use them conveniently, especially if you want to wear different scents at once. Here’s where layering comes in. It is a practise where you combine several fragrances to create your own signature scent. 

How does perfume layering work?

The process allows individuals to play with their creativity to discover new scent combinations that work best for them. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that you spray two different combinations at once, but it can help you prolong your scent for many hours without reapplying perfume multiple times.

If you are not familiar with how layering works, we’ve created this article to give you a beginner’s guide for a productive time doing this process. 

1. Know the scents that you like 

This serves as our first guide as you need to identify the scents that you are comfortable using and the scents that you are interested in using in the future. We’re telling you, it will be difficult if you force yourself to spray on something you don’t like.

Besides, choosing scents that complement you will be exciting as it will help you uncover more about yourself when it comes to choosing a fragrance that suits you the best.

2. Identify the scents that are good for pairing and not

Layering might turn into a disaster if you have combined scents that are not a good match for each other. It is really important that you understand how each scent and its notes work. There are three types of notes:

• Top notes: the fragrance that you smell after spraying
• Middle notes: the heart of the fragrance and a toned-down and warmer scent
• Bottom notes: the scent that develops and stays with you for hours

After identifying these notes, you can now easily mix and match various scents. You can start with floral scents as they go well with other scents and try to experiment by combining fruity scents with spicy or woody scents. You may take it to the next level by exploring and trying on combinations of challenging scents such as aquatic ones and fruity ones. 

3. Keep in mind the best places to apply your scents

Photo by cottonbro

As we have mentioned, if you want to layer your perfume, it doesn’t literally mean spraying yourself with different fragrances at once. For your convenience, the following locations are recommended for spritzing scents: pulse points, inside wrists, and behind the ears. Ladies can even spray some on their hair for an extra scent boost when walking around. 

4. Utilise oils and creams

Photo by Linda Prebeza

There’s a reason why some creams and body oils are scented! You can use them to initially start your layering, as this process is not exclusive to perfumes. You can begin layering your scent by using your body creams first, applying the oils second, and finishing with your alcohol-based perfumes.

5. Have fun!

Lastly, but not least, is to have fun! Don’t see this practise as a stretch, but take it as a fun activity that allows you to learn more about yourself when it comes to fragrances. After all, you’re doing this to make a long-lasting scent that you can call your own. 

Key Takeaways

Layering scents may look complicated on the surface, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll find it enjoyable to do! We hope you've picked up some pointers through this article and may you find your signature scent or scents! 


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