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Tips On Making Your Scents Last Longer

Picture this: You’re all dressed up, looking dapper and fine as heck; ready for a fabulous day out with friends. You think to yourself, “This is the perfect time to bust out the designer fragrance I’ve saved up for.” So you spritz yourself with the liquid gold as much as you can, thinking this will last you the whole day— only to be disappointed by the fact that you can barely whiff a smell a few moments later.

Want to avoid this kind of situation? Don’t fret, ‘cause with only a few tips and tricks done right, you can make your lovely fragrance last all day.

Do: Spritz it on your pulse points

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We’ve all been taught to spray perfumes on the wrists, but do you actually know why? This is because your pulse points are located here. These pulse points are warmer than the rest of your body since veins and arteries are much closer to your skin in these areas. That warmth helps make your scent last longer and allows it to develop into its full profile, revealing its lovely middle notes and base notes. 

Don’t: Rub your wrists together

The problem with rubbing your wrists together is that it breaks down the scent. To quote fragrance experts, it “bruises the scent”.

Do: Store your fragrances in the right place

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This is a step often overlooked by many. Storing your valuable fragrances in the right place goes a long way. We highly recommend keeping them away from your bathroom. Sure, it could be where you prep and glam up, but humidity and heat can rapidly build up in bathrooms, accelerating the breakdown of your fragrances. 

Don’t: Spritz like there’s no tomorrow

One might say that this doesn’t make any sense. Surely, spraying as much as you can will help you smell good all day, right? Not really. When you shower yourself with perfume, chances are you’ll end up being overbearing at the start of the day and scentless come nighttime. It might work in the start, but honestly, this will manage to give people around you a headache.

Remember, in the perfume world, a little goes a long way. And a spritz or two should do the trick. 

Do: Learn to layer your scents

Photo by Valeria Boltneva

One of the keys to a sophisticated and longer-lasting smell is by layering them. Whether you’re pairing one perfume with another or complementing your scent with soaps, aftershaves, and body balms, layering brings a new lasting life to your aroma.If you’re planning to layer with another perfume, test out the two fragrances first on a strip of paper. If it works for you, repeat it on your skin. Keep in mind that layering works the same way as perfume composition — there are top notes, middle notes, and base notes. With that in mind, apply the heavier scents first, then you round it all off with a lighter scent. 

Don’t: Spray directly to your clothes

We suggest avoiding a direct hit to your clothes ‘cause unless it’s a clean perfume, what you have is probably an alcohol-based scent. And alcohol and clothes don’t pair well together. Aiming for your clothes also leads to a faster scent loss due to the airflow between the fabric. 

Do: Choose EDP (Eau De Parfum)

You might be asking: “What’s EDP?” You’ll see this slapped across your perfume bottle, whether it’s EDP or EDT (Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette, respectively). The difference between the two is in the amount of fragrance oil in the bottle. EDP has a higher concentration of scent oils which result in a stronger and longer-lasting scent, whilst the latter has about 10% less concentration, perfect for lighter scents. If you’re aiming for a lasting perfume, go for the EDP route. For a deeper dive into EDP, EDT, and other types of fragrances, read this article: Perfumes, colognes, and more: What’s the big difference? 

Do: Apply your fragrances after showering

Photo by Ron Lach 

You might think that spritzing perfume before you leave will give you a more lasting scent. Contrary to the belief, the perfect opportunity is after a fresh shower. This is when your pores are at their most open, letting the fragrance oil better seep into your skin and lock itself in.

Do it with love

This is probably the most important tip out of all. Treating yourself and your fragrances with love goes a long way in smelling great and making it last longer. Go for the scent that makes you happy, but don’t overdo it. Treasure every last drop and keep in mind all the tips we’ve given to make the best out of every bottle.

Now that you know how to make fragrances last longer, it’s time to put these hacks to the test with every designer scent delivered to you through a Scentses + Co monthly subscription. C’mon, sign-up today and explore our amazing assortment of fragrances.


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