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These 5 Perfumes are Influencers Approved and Must-Haves

We can all agree that choosing your next bottle of perfume from among the many different brands may be extremely overwhelming. One of the few things that will keep you thinking maybe the high-end and emerging brands, along with the countless smell combinations that exist.

Influencers in the fashion industry and even social media stars might be helpful in this situation. They are renowned for giving candid feedback on a variety of topics. For instance, certain fashion influencers are able to candidly discuss the benefits and drawbacks of specific items that could or might not appeal to any of their followers. Some people see these influencers favourably because they believe their opinions on perfumes, clothes, and other statement pieces are trustworthy.

In this article, we’ve picked five perfumes that are approved by known stylists and creative influencers that you may consider adding to your collection.

1. Gucci Bloom

This fragrance is among Erim Kaur's all-time favourites. Erim is a successful businesswoman and lifestyle influencer from England. She has more than 260,000 Instagram followers and frequently posts about her life and hair. As she reviews various colognes featured on her Instagram account, Gucci's Bloom makes the cut as her all-time favourite. 

2. Chanel No. 5

Stylist-influencer Vydia Rishie-Howell turns to Chanel’s No. 5 when it comes to classic fragrance. The impressive stylist has turned her Instagram page into her own fashion portfolio wherein she has featured unique fashion combinations and event statement scents that may go along with her outfit for the day. Apart from multiple brands, she’s worked with, she still turns to Chanel when describing a classic must-have scent. 

3. Byredo Mixed Emotions

Creative Director and Consultant Gabriella Bjersland have used her social media presence to showcase her lifestyle and fashion editorials for various brands. She has proven her experience as a creative director with her stunning postings and a peek at her life. And as an influencer, she has posted Bryedo’s Mixed Emotions perfume which she captioned as her current scent obsession

4. Tom Ford Rose de Russie

Social media influencer Holly TItherridges is well-known for her fashion and lifestyle posts. Holly’s fans have had a glimpse into her daily life thanks to her distinctive and incredibly intimate feed. She’s a Tom Ford belle and has featured the brand’s Rose de Russie, as her ideal fragrance for a romantic night.

5. Prada Luna Rossa Ocean

Dad lifestyle influencer Howey shares that he wears Prada’s Luna Rossa Ocean quite often since it smells so good! With over 40,000 Instagram followers, he often shares fashion, skincare, and his life as a dad. This fragrance from Prada is something he wears most of the time as its scent perfectly transitions from daytime to nighttime.  

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