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Perfumes to Channel The Strong & Independent Woman In You

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As a woman, being able to feel confident and strong is a massive plus. It brings a vibe like no other, and your presence makes everyone know that the #GirlBoss is in. And just as feeling confident in who you are matters, translating and projecting that feeling to those around you is also important. You can do this by the way you dress up or the way you move and speak. But, there is one more way you can do this, and that's through the scent you wear!

Wearing the right perfume that exudes your personality can completely change everything. It can give you a confidence boost that’ll grab the attention in any room. But with a massive array of perfumes out there, finding the right one can be a challenge. Don’t fret, ‘cause here at Scentses + Co, we’ve got your back, girl! Read on to find the right perfume to channel that strong and independent woman in you.

1. Tom Ford - Black Orchid

It’s opulent, it’s dark and classically sensual. Concocted by the perfumers of Givaudan, this oriental chypre-type fragrance is an embodiment of a scent that is modern yet timeless. It’s got a character that doesn’t shy away from what it is – a dark, floral, spicy aroma. This fragrance is perfect for projecting that firm and passionate woman in you. It’s long-lasting and projects its aura very well.

2. Chanel - Chanel N°5 Eau de Parfum

Next on the list is a classic that perfectly fits that timeless beauty in you. The Chanel N°5 has been a staple in the fragrance world. With Chanel’s history and spot-on eye for detail, it’s no surprise that it found its way on this list. Inspired by the contemporary sensual woman, this fragrance holds no bars in letting you know what it is. With one sniff, it clearly states that someone with great taste is in the room. If you’ve ever found yourself in need of a scent that fits your sensuality, then this fragrance is for you.

3. Costa Brazil - Aroma

Being a sturdy and independent woman doesn’t always mean going all out with the grind. Sometimes, it can mean being at peace with yourself and having a firm foundation of who you are, even in the stillness of quiet moments. This sentiment can translate beautifully to having peace of mind, and with Costa Brazil’s Aroma, being in that state is easy to achieve.

Inspired by Breu, a natural resin that grows from the Amazon, Aroma by Costa Brazil is a gateway fragrance to a fresh earth. With its spicy wood, flowers, and crushed leaves gently nestling you in a well-balanced mood, this scent will surely leave you focused, firm and at peace. To add to that, Costa Brazil’s beautiful and sustainable packaging leaves you with a sense of being one with nature.

4. Marc Jacobs - Daisy Dream

At this point, almost everyone knows the iconic Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance. With its iconic daisy bottle, who wouldn’t? But, there’s a younger sister to this classic aroma, and that’s the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream. A variation of the iconic floral scent, this concoction is a more refined, ethereal, and classier big sister to the Daisy line-up. Developed by Alberto Morillas and Ann Gottlieb in collaboration with Marc Jacobs, this delicate floral scent is a stunning ode to the youth.

5. Le Labo - Santal 33 Eau De Parfum

The Le Labo Santal 33 is a cult classic in the fragrance world. It’s simple yet refined to the point that heads will turn when you pass by. With its straightforward approach and the woody aroma it gives off, this fragrance is one for the books. It’s captivating, intoxicating, and done with an elegance that defines an independent woman.

6. Juliette Has A Gun - Not a perfume

A key characteristic of an independent woman is your ability to go against the conventional – going against the grain and letting yourself stand out. Well, with Juliette Has A Gun, setting an example will be easy. Juliette Has A Gun’s not a perfume is a tribute to setting yourself apart, with its design being all about inclusivity in individuality. It’s perfume that anyone can wear, even those who don’t like perfumes.

Known for ditching the traditional top, middle and base notes, this perfume opts for one single scent profile which does the job wonderfully well. It may not be as complex as others, but it still smells spectacularly good. That’s the mark of a true Not a perfume perfume.

7. Jo Malone - London Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne

Being straight to the point and having a clear-cut vision are just two things that make an independent woman. You know what you want, and there’s no B.S.-ing with you. You want things to be clean and precise, and that’s what this Jo Malone fragrance delivers well. The Jo Malone London Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne is a clean and crisp scent that has no frills. It’s straightforward and leaves you feeling refreshed. With notes of cucumber and bergamot mixed with a sweet hint of musk, this cologne is definitely a keeper.

An independent woman is a woman that knows herself

Our society has always defined being a strong and independent woman by certain aspects. But, on the contrary, it’s really simple: A true independent woman embraces her real self and uses that as a tool for change. So, salute to all the strong, independent women out there!

Scents are a great way to express yourself – it transcends the outside appearance, and instead, transports those around you to your world. That said, it’s about high time you use fragrances that speak to you. Can’t find the one? No worries, with Scentses + Co’s monthly perfume subscription, you’ll find the right scent in no time. Sign up now!


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