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Favourite Scents of Hollywood Stars

When it comes to feeling great and being your best self, smelling good always adds that extra pizazz to your overall aura. And if you’re one to grace the red carpets and big screens, you’ll surely need to have a lot of confidence. So, yup – even the stars we look up to count on their favourite fragrances to make them feel amazing. Like us, mortals, a number of Hollywood celebrities are also avid collectors of perfumes.

Luckily, some of the brightest stars have shared their go-to scents so we, too, can have a sniff of the A-list life. Whether you’re trying to manifest Rihanna’s sumptuous olfactory energy or you want to command the room like Queen Beyoncé, we’ve listed some celeb-approved fragrances to give you that star-studded vibe.

1. Henry Golding: Le Labo – SANTAL 33 

Photo by Time Out

Malaysian-British actor Henry Golding said so himself in a GQ video that he’s a “huge fan of perfumery, fragrances”. He attended The 2019 Fragrance Foundation Awards to present the Hall of Fame recognition to powerhouse designer Tom Ford. And out of this event, celebrity fashion site Red Carpet Fashion Awards perfectly captured what we were all thinking in an article aptly titled I’m Sure Henry Golding Smells As Good As He Looks At The 2019 Fragrance Foundation Awards.

In the same video, Golding goes through a few of the perfumes he patronises, and first on his litany is Le Labo’s SANTAL 33. Dubbed by the actor as “really classic”, SANTAL 33 delivers spicy, musky notes aiming to cast a spell on both men and women.

2. Rihanna: Kilian – Love, Don’t Be Shy

Photo by Capital FM

Second on the list is none other than bad gal RiRi herself. With rumours spreading inside Hollywood circles that she’s one of the most pleasant-smelling stars out there, it’s no secret why Rihanna is seen by many as a glamour queen, continuously defining and redefining the word “beauty”.

It’s been revealed that the Barbadian superstar and founder of Fenty Beauty adores Kilian’s Love, Don’t Be Shy fragrance, which features sweet notes of vanilla absolute, marshmallow, and orange blossom.

If you want to manifest your inner bad gal whilst keeping it sweet and appealing, give this fragrance a spray – it’s RiRi-approved.

3. Margot Robbie: Calvin Klein – Deep Euphoria

Photo by Marca

In an interview with Marie Claire, Margot Robbie revealed that when she was younger, she used essential oils more than scents and perfumes. That was until she tried Calvin Klein’s Deep Euphoria, which became a mainstay in her arsenal. She also starred in the product’s ad in 2016.

With a mix of floral, cascalone, and black magic rose notes, the feminine fragrance gives you a floral and musky scent without it being too overbearing. Perfect for everyday use.

4. Angelina Jolie: Histoires de Parfums – 1969

Photo by Marca

Angelina Jolie surely is one of the most celebrated A-list personalities out there. With countless iconic movies and roles as a filmmaker, she also cemented her name as a tireless humanitarian, circling the globe to carry out charitable efforts.

When it comes to her choice of fragrance, Histoires de Parfum’s 1969 earned a special place in Jolie’s collection. The unique and iconic scent is a great unisex option with notes of peach, cardamom, cleaves and leaves, leaving a trail of chocolate and coffee hints along its way. 

5. Emma Stone: Chanel – GARDÉNIA Les Exclusifs de CHANEL

Photo by The Economic Times

In her interview with Vogue, it was revealed that one of the key ways the Oscar-winning actress gets into character is finding the perfect scent for the role she’s playing. Yup, we get you, Emma. Fragrances do evoke certain moods.

One of the many perfumes she’s fond of is GARDÉNIA Les Exclusifs de CHANEL. The multi-awarded actress disclosed that she loves it so much that she even sprays it on her pillows.

This masterful formulation by Chanel gives off a fresh and natural scent reminiscent of fragrant gardenia petals, perfect for our girl Emma.

6. Chrissy Teigen: Dior – Hypnotic Poison

Photo by NME

As a famous model and Hollywood A-lister herself, Chrissy Teigen continues to enjoy the glam life. As admirable as her beauty is her choice to use her voice, particularly in social media, to bring attention and stir dialogue around misogyny and unrealistic beauty standards for women.

Keeping in line with her strong personality, Teigen’s perfume of choice is Dior’s Hypnotic Poison. The fragrance mixes feminine and masculine scents with notes of jasmine, cinnamon, and vanilla, perfect for your everyday wear and those special nights out. 

Channel your inner star

Want to smell like you’re gonna conquer Hollywood? The scents of the stars have your back!

If you fancy trying out any of these celeb-approved perfumes without having to commit to a full bottle, you can make a request to us at Scentses + Co so we can add the fragrance to our wide selection of scents.

Soon enough, you’ll wear what your idols are wearing and have a sniff of life in the fast lane.


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