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Check out these 7 Perfumes that You Can Get in Full Size from Us!

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Sometimes, a small-sized perfume bottle is not enough to last you for a month. Especially if the scent is a favourite of yours. And we truly understand that.

We cannot deny that getting full-sized perfumes has its own benefits and that there are individuals who would prefer to get full-sized bottles instead of smaller ones. And here are some of the reasons why they would choose full-sized bottles:

• A Personal Preference
• The favourite scent that they can’t miss running out of
• A special piece to add to their collection
• It saves them money and time, especially if it is their signature scent

And if you are looking for an outlet where you can buy perfume in your preferred size, continue reading this article.

Full-size perfumes at Scentses and Co.

Here at Scentses + Co., we wanted to serve you better to be your one-stop shop when it comes to your fragrances. We are happy to share that we are offering full-sized bottles of crowd favourite perfumes.

We have listed seven scents below as our recommendations and they are available to be shipped to you at any time. Check them out below:

1. Marc Jacobs Daisy So Fresh 

This fruity and playful scent from Marc Jacobs is formulated for women. The combination of pink grapefruit and raspberry as top notes that settle into radiant musks makes this scent a must-have for those who’ll be enjoying a day out in the sun.

We are offering the full bottle of 125mL here.

2. Versace Eros Men EDP

A recent scent from Versace Men, Eros, is ideal for gentlemen who are looking for a scent that will highlight their elegant masculinity in an intense and attractive manner. This perfume, launched in 2020, is slowly proving its importance with its unique combination of citrus and wood notes.

This bottle is available for 100mL here.

3. Ariana Grande Cloud EDP

If you are a fan of the American singer-actress, we’re pretty sure that Cloud by Ariana Grande is something you shouldn’t skip collecting! This perfume consists of scents that hint at lavender, whipped cream, orchid, musk, and other woody tones. The wearer of this perfume will surely appreciate Ariana’s effort in preparing this for her fans!

Available at our site for 100mL here.

4. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme EDP

Another scent for the gents is this Spicebomb from Viktor & Rolf. The scent speaks its name as it bursts with a spicy aroma of tobacco and cinnamon for a very masculine scent, yet toned down with vanilla and bourbon for a floral note. If you’re looking for a scent that will last you for hours on a date night, this scent is surely not to be missed!

Spicebomb is available in a 90mL bottle here.

5. Montale Chocolate Greedy EDP

For chocolate lovers, you might want to take your interest in chocolates to another level. This scent from Montale is suited for everyone as it purely showcases different hints of chocolate from its top notes of mouthwatering ganache, followed by its middle notes of expensive truffles, and finally ends with a creamy chocolate scent for its bottom notes.

Get the 100mL bottle here.

5. Christian Dior Sauvage EDP

Sauvage by Christian Dior is a fragrance created to give its wearer intriguing qualities that make them appear more seductive and mature. The fragrance was inspired by a wonderful night in a blazing desert filled with tantalizing fragrances.

You may get the 100mL bottle here.

7. Prada Le Femme

Prada's Le Femme is a fragrance that distinguishes itself from standard florals for ladies looking for a distinct yet floral aroma. It is primarily scented with frangipani and is complemented with Ylang Ylang, beeswax, and vanilla for redefined feminine aromas that are sure to impress.

This fragrance is available at 100mL here

Not sure what to get?

If you're still undecided about whether to buy a full-size bottle or just the travel-sized ones, you can read this article to help you decide. Otherwise, you can subscribe to our monthly perfume subscription service, which allows you to try small-sized scents before committing to a full-sized one.

Start your perfume journey today!

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