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5 Scents For Your Outdoor Adventures

The past two years have indeed been a rollercoaster ride for everyone globally, as the pandemic caught us all off-guard. Chances are, you’ve cooped yourself up inside your home with digital screens as your only window to the outside world. At one point, you probably gave in and cooked one of those trendy quarantine recipes. Heck, maybe you’re one of those who danced it all away with viral challenges, wishing for the restrictions to ease sooner than later. And just like everyone else, you’ve missed the great outdoors— the beautiful beaches, serene mountains, and of course, the fresh air that we used to enjoy.

Thankfully, restrictions are gradually being lifted in different regions, so going back to nature is something you can look forward to again. You can finally go on a hike, a swim or enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors.

And with that, it’s adventure time again! A perfect way to help you feel more at one with nature is having fragrances fit for the fresh adventure you’re embarking on. Below are some scents for all kinds of outdoor trips.

1. Gypsy Water Eau de Parfum by Byredo

A scent for calm nights bottled in a minimalistic approach, the Gypsy Water by Byredo works for those camping trips spent overnight under the stars. An ode to the Romany culture, this woody and fruity fragrance is fitting for a calm night out in the woods with friends. 

Discover this perfume here.

2. Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne by Jo Malone

Nothing beats the aroma of the sea and the crashing of the waves on warm beach days. If a trip to the shore is what you aim for, then Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt will hit the spot. It’s meant to give you a distinct fragrance away from the complex notes of spices, flowers, and fruits. Instead, it goes for the simple yet sophisticated zest of driftwood and the sea.

Wear it for your next beach trip, or whenever you want to have the smell of the sea follow you.

Discover this perfume here.

3. Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Easily recognizable by its iconic bottle, the Daisy is one of the most popular scents to come from Marc Jacobs. If you ever dream of drowning in a sea of flowers, then Daisy is the right fit for you.

With notes of strawberry, violet leaf, plus a hint of spicy pink grapefruit, this quintessential flower power fragrance makes bright days under the sun – or a sightseeing trip to the flower garden – even more magnificent.

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4. Oud Wood by Tom Ford

Our fourth pick comes from the Tom Ford Private Blend collection. The Oud Wood Eau de Parfum is a woody, spicy scent reminiscent of the delightful scents of Morocco. Mysterious and luxurious, this inviting scent has notes of oud, sandalwood, vetiver, and rosewood. It’s a fantastic fragrance for city exploration and urban jungle pursuits.

Discover this perfume here.

5. Forest Lungs by The Nue Co.

Staying inside the four walls of your room can be taxing. Fact: Humans need nature, and nature heals— which is why The Nue Co. concocted a fragrance inspired by this truth. Forest Lungs is a woody aromatic scent meant to bring you into the calming environment of a lush deep forest. Its stress-relieving aroma is perfect for when you’re headed for a hike or a walk in the woods.

Bask in the glory of nature today

It’s time to see and discover more of what the outside world has to offer. And with these fragrances at your disposal, you can be ready for any outdoor adventure that awaits you. But, if you ever feel like you need to take a whiff of the outdoors inside your home, then these scents still work as well.

If you’re having a hard time picking the right fragrance for your next escapade, then give yourself the freedom to give it all a try. Grab a monthly subscription at Scentses + Co and switch new designer fragrances every month!

Get ready– your adventure awaits! 


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