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Top Summer Fragrances For A Refreshing Season 

Would you look at that! Summer is here. This is the perfect season to radiate your explorer energy, albeit an adventure out in the sun or a simple lunch date with friends. Whatever your summer adventure of choice may be, with that comes having to stay fresh and vibrant.

Perhaps a quick spritz of your summer scent will help. And if you’re still stuck with your cosy autumn or winter scents, well, you’re in luck! We’ve listed down some fragrances that will help you unleash your sun-loving, adventure-seeking self.

1. La Tulipe EDP by Byredo

La Tulipe focuses on the scent of a perfectly blossomed tulip. Yes, a tulip. A lot would say that this flower doesn’t really have a scent, but Ben Gorham, creator of Byredo, would disagree.

“I have always loved tulips and decided to create a fragrance that spoke of the whole idea of the flower. To do this I wanted to capture its shy characteristic – and combine that with the expressive physicality it bears,” said Gorham.

And with La Tulipe, the perfumer has succeeded in breaking the mythos of tulips being scentless. Instead, he brings a clean, modern, and bright fragrance to the main stage.

This fragrance is great if you want a break from sweet floral scents and would rather opt for the refreshing clarity that tulips bring, giving you a breath of fresh air.

2. Orange Blossom EDP by Jo Malone

Inspired by the romantic scents of colonial Spain (and a particular stay in Los Angeles’ Hotel Bel-Air), Jo Malone offers notes of clementine and white lilac in every bottle of their Orange Blossom.

The perfume brings joyful, energetic, and positive energy, perfect for livening up your aura in one whiff. If you ever need to spritz up your summer day with an energetic scent, wear this Jo Malone favourite and you’ll surely have a swell time.

3. Philosykos EDP by Diptyque 

An olfactory ode to the fig trees of Greece just about to go ripe, this scent transports you to a place surrounded by sun-soaked trees, giving off a level of freshness only the greenery can bring. With its milky tart flavour derived from the fig and fresh wood or earthy notes coming into play, this scent will remind you to go see nature today.

If you’re looking for a sweet fragrance for your summer adventure, this classic will suit you well. 

4. English Pear & Freesia EDC by Jo Malone

Jo Malone made a name for capturing the most pleasant scents of the world in a bottle for us to enjoy. Their English Pear & Freesia cologne is a testament to this.

Invoking the sweet aroma of ripe King William pears and the innocent notes of the freesia flower, this is a clean and delicate fragrance for those summer days out, road trips, or brunches.

5. Bo EDP by Liis

As a newcomer in the industry, one could easily make the mistake of dismissing or underestimating Liis Fragrances Don’t be fooled, though — this newly-launched brand focuses on fragrances without preservatives, sulphates, and dyes, catering to clean beauty lovers.

Bo, being one of their more recognisable scents, is composed of cedar, incense, tobacco leaves, and pine, all perfectly mixed together to give a warm, summer scent. Yes, we know, those ingredients don’t exactly scream “summer” but believe us when we say that they’ve managed to create one refreshing perfume to watch out for.

6. Wood Sage & Sea Salt EDC by Jo Malone

Nothing says “summer escape” more like the smell of the sea enveloping you. This Jo Malone cologne is meant to give you a distinct fragrance away from the complex notes of spices, flowers, and fruits. Instead, it pulls you into windswept waves and fresh sea salt air, combined with the earthiness of wood sage.

Bring the beach with you wherever you go with this cool and refreshing fragrance that can work for both men and women. 

7. Daisy Love EDT by Marc Jacobs 

This Marc Jacobs scent easily became a staple since it was released in 2018. And while new fragrances have been launched since, Daisy Love remains loved by many, and for good reason.

Conceived by Alberto Morillas, creator of some of the world’s most iconic perfumes, Daisy Love is considered to be a quintessential floral fragrance. With its fruity and flowery notes, this sophisticated scent can freshen up even the hottest of summer days. 

Summertime is a fun time

Whatever each day brings, these scents are ready to accompany you on all sorts of summer adventures. Go for a clean, simple scent, or opt for a posh floral fragrance — it’s entirely up to you! What’s important is that the perfume you wear should be able to match the positive energy you’re radiating this summer.

If you’re still undecided on which one to get, there’s a solution here at Scentses + Co. Sign up for our fragrance subscription service to receive your desired scent of the month in an 8-millilitre trial bottle. When you subscribe, you will also get a free travel case in your first month, perfect for when you’re going on a trip.

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