Merdeka Special: Giving back to the Community with Projek57


On the month of August, this exclusive Projek Scentses of Gratitude was born together with Projek57 in the Movement of Hope to support the empowerment of Orang Asli youths and helping the underprivileged. 

Projek57 is a social enterprise which shares the vision of our 1st Prime Minister, that Our future depends on how well many different kinds of people can live and work together”. This social enterprise is non-political and non-partisan and are driven by positive values and uniting factors.

As a budding Malaysian startup standing together in Unity with all the partners and stakeholders in Projek57, we are proud to contribute to the community cause albeit in a small but notable way. 

Every RM3.00 of proceeds from orders placed by our subscribers in the month of August 2020 was directly contributed to the purchase of Unity Ribbon, we are pleased to announce that hundreds of them have been successfully distributed to our fragrance community in the month of August and September 2020.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to thank and credit our Scentses + Co Community Members for this unwavering support especially during this challenging economic time in MCO.


Summing up our sentiment, we would like to quote one of our subscribers who aptly puts it “With Scentses + Co, we build our fragrance wardrobe knowing we are helping to build the livelihoods of our own Malaysians as well. It feels great to smell good and do good at the same time!"


Once again, thank you our Scentses + Co community members for standing united with us during this roller-coaster journey.


We will strive to continue to serve our S+CO community and Malaysia underprivileged community as we grow together - stronger with you. 

A Malaysian Project, For the Malaysian Community!

#SupportLocal  #UniquelyMalaysian

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