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Why You Should Sign Up for a Perfume Subscription

People have always loved pleasant scents — from the calming aroma of the sea to the musky scent of a jazz bar, we love them all. We love fragrances so much that we’ve even condensed them into bottles we spritz on ourselves. But, did you know that there’s a different way we can wear our top-notch fragrances? Yup, that’s right — solid perfumes are making a comeback!

If you haven’t heard, solid or wax-based perfumes are making their way back into the mainstream, and it looks like they’re here to slay. If you’re scratching your head wondering what solid perfumes are, don’t fret, we’re here to help. Let us take you on a quick dive into the beautiful world of solid perfumes.

A quick rundown on perfumes

Before you dive into the world of solid perfumes, let’s take a quick recap on the common perfumes out there. Traditional perfumes or colognes are usually liquid-based fragrances that you spritz on your body. It’s typically a mixture of water, alcohol, and fragrance oil, with the oil concentration determining the perfume type. This is where those fancy names like Eau de parfum, Eau de toilette, and so on come from. Here’s a quick breakdown of fragrance oil concentrations.

• Parfum Extrait: 20-50% concentration of fragrance oil
Esprit de Parfum: 15-30% concentration
Eau de Parfum: 10-30% concentration
Eau de Toilette: 5-20% concentration
Eau de Cologne: 3-8% concentration
Perfume mist: 5-8% concentration (does not contain alcohol as a solvent))
Splash / Aftershave / Body Spray: 1-3% concentration

As a rule of thumb, the lower the fragrance oil concentration, the lower the intensity and longevity of the perfume, and vice versa. Together with this, the alcohol and water mixture also acts as a diffuser for the oil and helps spread out the fragrance better.

With that out of the way, it’s time to take a look into its counterpart, the everlasting solid perfumes or wax-based perfumes.

What are solid perfumes?

Wax-based perfumes or solid perfumes are, simply put, fragrances that don’t implore the use of alcohol or water as their medium. These perfumes instead use a mixture of oils, waxes or butter that help disperse the fragrance oil better. If you’ve ever used lip balm before, think that, but packed with tons of pleasing aromas. And instead of placing it on your lips, you apply it on your pulse points.

Why You Should Sign Up for a Perfume Subscription
Why You Should Sign Up for a Perfume Subscription

The comeback and the hype

Solid perfumes never really left the space of perfumery. Wax-based perfumes have been around for centuries, dating as early as the invention of the perfume itself in Ancient Egypt. However, it’s true that alcohol-based perfumes have overshadowed them since the invention of the distillation process. But on the bright side, solid perfumes are finding their way back into the mainstream, and for good reasons, too. Let’s go over the why’s.

1. Portable/travel-friendly
With its solid form and compact size, travelling with it is a headache-free experience. This is much more evident if you’re going through the airport or places that have a limit on liquids. Unlike traditional perfumes that are bulky and fragile, solid perfumes are contained in robust containers that can handle the beating inside your bag. There’ll be no worrying from your end, and with their size being so compact, you can just throw it into your everyday carry with no fuss.

2. Eco-friendly
Solid perfumes are said to be the eco-friendly way to wear your favourite fragrances. With its dense product, you’ll only need a small dab to smell fantastic, and needing a smaller amount means that there’s less product to waste. Partner that up with its reusable containers, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for eco-friendly fragrances. Together with its compact size, shipping uses less packaging material and overall reduced carbon footprint.

Lastly, did you know you can refill your containers? That’s right, solid perfume containers are so robust that you can re-use them if you wish so.

3. Long-lasting
With water and alcohol out of the equation, solid perfumes tend to last longer and stronger. There’s no spraying on empty air, and there’s no evaporation that takes place. You’re left with a perfume that is dense in aroma and stays on the skin longer and stronger.

4. Kind to the skin
Compared to traditional perfumes, solid perfumes make no use of alcohol. As you know, alcohol can be an irritant – it dries the skin up and can leave pigment spots. To add to this, there are synthetic ingredients that make up traditional perfumes which can cause allergies to act up or straight-up be detrimental to your skin’s health.

Solid perfumes, on the other hand, are composed of waxes, oils or butter that moisturise the skin. And with its less complex nature, tracing and finding what ingredients are in your solid perfume is not that hard. Most of the time, solid perfumes contain natural ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax or shea butter.

5. Leak-proof
Solid perfumes are less prone to leaks compared to their counterparts. Thanks to their waxy nature, solid perfumes save you the hassle of accidental leaks and waste. Fair warning, though, avoid bringing your solid perfume in very humid and warm places ‘cause they might end up melting before your very eyes.

6. Accessible/Affordable
Due to their use of fewer ingredients, smaller packaging, and less but dense product, solid perfumes are way more affordable. Even the heavy-hitting brands can cost you significantly less compared to the full-bottle counterpart. With its cost being low, it’s much more appealing to those who just want to have a backup or make it their main fragrance.

Accessibility also plays a big role as solid perfumes are easier to make at home. All you need is a foundation for building fragrances and the right ingredients to get it done. D.I.Y. solid perfumes are no strangers in this world, so if we’re talking about easy access to an aromatic world, this is it.

How to wear solid perfumes

Solid perfumes are as easy to wear as any other perfume types out there. The big difference with solid perfumes is you get to have control over where and how much of the fragrance you wear. With its waxy nature and concentrated scent, you can apply it wherever you see fit.

 With this, we suggest you apply it to your pulse points like your wrists, neck, and even behind the ears. Some even apply it on their feet (sparingly), and thanks to its waxy nature, you can even apply it on your hair or facial hair. Just make sure to get the right amount you need, melt it with your fingers, and viola, you can now dab it on your pulse points.

Solid perfumes for a solid you!

Solid perfumes are a great introduction to the fragrance world – they are accessible and efficient. With its ease of use and compact nature, having one on the go will never be a headache for you. All you need is a dab, and you’re all good to go, all confident and smelling great.

Though remember that a fantastic scent is only half the battle. As long as you’re comfy in your skin, you’re all set for whatever the day throws at you. That said, finding the right fragrance can be hard. Not if you have Scentses + Co’s monthly perfume subscription! Get an assortment of lovely perfumes at a lovely price. You can even send in a request for the perfumes you’re looking for, so go, sign up now!


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