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7 Scents recommended by Female Korean Stars that you can try on

If you describe yourself as a Hallyu fan, we’re sure that you’re highly influenced by how your favourite Korean actresses style themselves. Learning a new thing about a celebrity you admire gives you a connection with them. For example, learning about their favourite food or scents.

Now, speaking of scents, there’s a good thing if a Korean actress inspired you to use one: you can already experience immediate effect. With only a few spritzes on your wrist, the fragrances will easily play with your olfactory nerves.

In this article, we’ve compiled seven scents that are used by some of the top Korean female celebrities! 

Jun Ji Hyun - Goutal Paris Petite Cherie

A funny anecdote, this scent from Jun Ji Hyun is spotted in one of her drama series, My Love from the Star, since then, fans assumed it was a favourite scent that made it to her series.

Well, no one can blame Ji Hyun for Petite Cherie’s scent as it consists of floral and fruity scents with a hint of peach and rose to make its wearer smell elegant and youthful.

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Son Ye Jin - Chloé Eau de Parfum

We might understand why Crash Landing On You star chooses Chloé’s Eau de Parfum. Besides marking it a timeless piece, the scent suits Son Ye Jin as well.

The scent highly possesses a rich amount of floral notes such as roses and magnolias resulting in a very feminine and classic scent. It also perfectly fits Son Ye Jin as she’s been dubbed as their Nation’s First Love, and if you see her walk around, we’re pretty sure gents will fall in love with her all over again. 

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Song Hye Kyo - Penhaligon's Orange Blossom

We all know that Song Hye Kyo is also one of the early lovely ladies when it comes to Korean dramas. So, having her favourite perfumed be revealed in a Korean program is great news, especially to the ladies who take her as their inspiration.

It was revealed in Get It Beauty (a Korean beauty program) that the actress uses Penhaligon’s, Orange Blossom. The fruity scents of oranges and orchards mix well in this scent revealing a splendid smell of summer scent. 

Park Min Young - Creed’s Love in White for Summer

Park Min Young has frequented our screens with her roles in various romantic-comedy K-dramas. The roles she has played as a romantic lady might’ve been one of the factors why she chose Creed’s Love in White for Summer as her favourite scent.

She revealed her beauty secret on her personal Youtube channel. This fragrance bursts with fruity notes followed by a combination of woody and floral notes to top off its romantic scent. 

Lee Hyeri - Jo Malone London English Pear & Freesia

Reply 1988 Lee Hyeri’s favourite scent is one of the early revelations revealed to her fans. She shared that she uses Jo Malone’s London English Pear & Freesia in one of her vlogs.

We think that the hint of pear and its combination of freesias to produce a very graceful and warm scent fits her that she even carries a full size everywhere she goes!

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Lee Ji Eun - Dipytique Eau de Sens Hair Mist

Lee Ji Eun's (a.k.a IU) choice of scent is unique. Instead of regular perfumes, her choice is a hair mist! IU mentioned in her live streams that Dipytique’s Eau des Sens Hair Mist is something she always brings.

Despite being a hair mist, the singer-actress was resourceful enough to utilise her bottle as a perfume. Due to its fresh and fruity scents, it perfectly complements IU's bubbly personality.

Im Yoona - Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey

Girl’s Generation Yoona considers Issey Miyake’s L'Eau d'Issey her go-to scent. The idol-turned-actress may have her reasons for picking this scent, but we can clearly understand why.

L’eau d’lssey fragrance composes the following notes: aquatic florals such as lotus rose and white flowers and is finished off with a woody scent. It produces a perfect harmony of simple and subtle scents making its wearer shine and appear more feminine. 

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Showcase your inner K-star style! 

We hope that through this article, you were able to get a few ideas of the scents you can try out in the coming days! Best part? You can try them out first before investing in a full-size bottle through our subscription packages.

If you can’t find them on our lists, you can make a request and we’ll make it work for you! 


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