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Why some people don't wear perfume?

Sense of Smell is Understated and Underrated

Unlike clothing and jewelry, perfumes are an accessory that many deem as unimportant because it cannot be seen far away. However, many of us are not aware that how one's perfume subconsciously influence our first impressions towards others.

Visualise this scenario: A person who smells great walks by and asks you a question. Your first impression towards him/her naturally become good and you would love to stay close to him/her as you secretly wish to know more about this person. Do you find this scenario relatable?

Have you ever wondered that our 5 senses are the greatest gifts? Yet sense of smell is the most underrated sense.

Why? We usually make a conscious effort to sniff either because of pleasure from food or pure intention to smell good, and nothing else. If that is the case, do you agree then that it is high time to rediscover and reignite the true gift of smell? 

Why Some People Don't Wear Perfume

1. Not part of necessity for daily grooming

Asia countries, some people deem perfume as an accessory but not a necessity for daily grooming. Hence they do not have the habit of wearing perfumes.

However, we can observe the growing trend of wearing perfumes in Malaysia. People are now slowly seeing the importance of wearing perfumes and notice how influential scents can be in our daily lives. Many of the working adults are now incorporating perfumes in their daily grooming, not forgetting university and college students who are building this habit!

Another interesting scenario to notice is that many people are now using their perfume as their personalised statement to promote individual expression, and we're loving this trend!

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Scent Recommendation:

Perfect for your daily grooming needs - Calvin Klein

Eternity for MenThis fresh, citrusy perfume is a classic perfume for the summer; perfect to be worn daily as a casual perfume in Malaysia's climate. For men who are young in heart, this perfume gives off a relaxing yet refreshing dry-down, and it's a perfect fit for all occasions. 

Sprinkle some extra confidence on your daily lives - Jimmy Choo For Her

Jimmy Choo, a world's famously known designer who hails from Malaysia. This perfume is suitable for you if you're not into perfumes which are very sweet. In fact, this perfume gives a hint of subtle sweetness and soapy. Its patchouli notes add some deepness and sexy vibes while being subtle about it. 

2. Perfumes are too expensive

We've got to admit it - authentic perfumes are not cheap. I was once the person who uses the same perfume for years and years. All because it hasn't been finished, and I can't afford to commit a few full bottles.

Besides, purchasing perfume is something intimidating to me personally. I am a person who would rather take my own space and time to purchase something pricey than to have a salesperson to assist me. Don't get me wrong, salesperson is a perfect go-to person for scent recommendation. But the inner introvert in me would still prefer to discover scents in my comfort zone. 

Scent Recommendation:

Perfumes that make you smell expensive: Guerlain Shalimar EDP

Guerlain Shalimar has a great story behind. This perfume was a tribute to the legendary love story between Emperor Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal which has led to building of Taj Mahal. This luxurious perfume gives off a matured yet exotic vibes. Be ready to smell elegant, rich and warm: just like how the perfume pays the tribute to the legendary love story. 

3. Unfamiliar Territory

How do I start? Where do I begin? How many times should I spray a day? Where do I spray? Unfamiliar territory scares people off. It's normal and acceptable to feel alien when it comes to learning new things.

To start off, get a few safe perfumes which has had gained many positive reviews. This way the perfumes you're getting will definitely be a safe-buys, as you'd personally love it and people around you will be complimenting how good you're smelling.

For other information related to fragrances, refer to reliable sources of information that provide bite-sized perfume info which are friendly to new perfume-wearers. 

Scent Recommendation:

Perfect for Gym-Goer: Davidoff Cool Water EDT

This perfume makes you spray and slay the gym while smelling refreshing. It is fresh, clean and gives off a sensual vibe, successfully making this perfume a people-pleasure. If you're new to wearing perfume, try this out as a starter as it refreshes and energises you while making you smell masculine and sharp. 

The Must-Have: Versace Bright Crystal EDT

Would smelling a tad sweet + fresh be something appealing to you? With notes like yuzu and peony, this famous must-have is a feminine scent that makes you smell like you're fresh out of shower. This is a happy, pretty scents that have captured the hearts of many. 

Harnessing Our Sensory Power Via Scent

That said, what’s best to harness our sniffing sensory power other than scent?

In our previous blog, we spoke about scent having multiple benefits towards our well-being. Overall, not only does it give us confidence and unique identity as a person, it also provides healing properties to our mental and emotional well-being.

As a fun fact, do you know, as early as ancient Egyptian civilisation, scent was regarded as more precious than gold?

To this juncture, I believe no one would dispute the immense power and value the scent can bring to our lives. Like a combustion engine, good scent powers up your confidence psychologically and emotionally. You radiate not just the good smell, but most importantly, the unspoken and immeasurable aura of confidence and charisma to everyone you “touches”. 

Embark this Sensory Journey with Us to Fulfillment 

Through the daily habit of tying up with different good scent on different occasions, the power it unleashes into your subconscious mind every time will empower you to fulfill each and every task at hand with confidence and ease.

At Scentses and Co, we provide over 150+ selections to enable you to find the right concoction of confidence suited to different occasions and lifestyles for just RM49.90.

A night out with friends, a dinner date with a loved one, an important interview/presentation to ace, or just to complement the city life which u are living in, Scented and Co have them all to bring out the most youthful, glamorous and charismatic you. Don’t just make smelling good an occasional feat, but make it a daily grooming habit!

At Scentses and Co, we provide over 150+ selections to enable you to find the right concoction of confidence suited to different occasions and lifestyles for just RM49.90.

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