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Why Designer Perfumes Make The Perfect Pandemic Gift

According to Google Insights, image searches for “birthday banner background” have grown globally by over 100% year on year and Google searches for “anniversary video maker” have grown globally by over 200% year on year.

There’s no question about it, the lockdown has indefinitely transformed the gifting landscape & the very act of giving itself has taken on a renewed meaning.

It has been a real challenge for many of us to create & even maintain social relationships of every kind with the recent restrictions.

Apparently, we haven’t just been wanting to gift more, but we’ve collectively been finding even more reasons to send thoughtful gifts to our loved ones & even strangers.

And it’s not just that, but the urge to gift has gone past the traditional sense, things like birthdays, holidays & celebrations have taken a new meaning and where we would have celebrated events like that once or twice.

People are celebrating it more! Kids & teenagers who’ve graduated from high school or college are getting like six graduation parties when they may have only gotten one graduation ceremony in the past.

Why Designer Perfumes Makes For Such a Perfect Gift

1. An Affordable Luxury Amongst The Isolation

All it takes is a quick spritz and it feels like you’re set for a boardroom meeting or on your way to a wonderful night out.
How we experience things is very dependent upon our 5 senses.

And our sense of smell is often the most under-looked of them all!

 Ever noticed how simply walking into the lobby of a 5-star concierge instantly puts you at ease & relaxed?

Or perhaps the instant wave of ‘formalness’ & feeling posh the moment you enter a high-end corporate building?

That’s entirely by design! Crafted together with high-grade essential oils, bespoke industrial fragrances with the master nose of an expert perfumer.

With Scentses + Co, you can craft your own high-end experience without having to break your bank!

Build-a-Gift-Box by Scentses + Co

2.  A Wonderful Self-Care Treat

Self-care goes beyond just skincare routines & Netflix marathons.

 There’s a difference that you can just feel - when your morning routine consists of an indulging treat from spraying on a designer cologne. 

Think back to when before the whole pandemic started, remember when you had a perfect morning routine that hit all the right notes - that virtually nothing could ruin your entire day?

Now picture that experience but multiplied many times more from the many months of being cooped inside our homes.

With a perfume subscription, you will always be able to choose from a whole array of different luxury scents every single month.

This means you won’t just be having an expensive cologne added to your daily routine, but a whole new dimension to it as you explore the numerous adventures from experimenting with the different scents every day!

3. A Cocktail Party in the Comfort Of Your Own Home

Or even while getting the groceries. Who says a grocery run has to be dull?

Point is, just because official events & dinners have taken a temporary break, that doesn’t mean you have to…

Virtual video call events & gatherings have been booming over the last year & a half and it doesn’t hurt to treat it like the actual thing. After all, all that matters is that we’re the ones taking it seriously, regardless if the other person actually knows you’re all dressed up.

And if you’re taking a night off to indulge yourself for a special occasion or simply because you want to! With an array of options to choose from you can now customize your solo night out & take it to the next level.

The possibilities are endless.

Introducing our Build-a-Gift-Box

Scent-discovery should be both exciting & affordable - now available in a luxurious gift box with 3-4 fragrances hand-picked by YOU.

Scentses + Co has been a delightful option to discovering the designer fragrances world without a huge price tag commitment upfront for many.

Now you have the ability to gift this wonderful, bespoke experience to a friend, colleague or loved one for any occasion! 

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