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What Is The Wheel of Fragrance?

One of the quickest ways to immerse yourself in the perfume world is understanding the ‘language’ of perfumes.

And the wheel of fragrance is one of the most fundamental references used by experts & high end brands worldwide. 

There are literally thousands of possible ingredients that can be used to create a fragrance. Even more when used in combination!

And every single one of them will always fall somewhere on the fragrance wheel. 

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Having a basic understanding of the fragrance wheel will give you an immediate headstart to easily know how to choose a perfume like a pro! 

Get To Know Your Scentses Like a Pro

Your 1st Month In simpler terms, there are generally 4 families but for the sake of simplicity, we will group woody & oriental scents in the same group for now. :

a) Woody/Oriental Perfumes
b) Floral Perfumes
c) Fresh/Citrusy Perfumes

Let’s take a quick look at each of these. ✨ 

Woody/Oriental Perfumes

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Woody perfumes are usually incense-like fragrances like sandalwood and patchouli with drier notes like smoky leather. These notes are usually described as warm or aggressive, you can combine these with fresher or lighter notes like floral. Smooth, earthy scents are also in this category.

 Oriental notes are more exotic scents which are also kind of dry, think slightly spicy herbs & spices like cinnamon

Floral Perfumes 

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The floral scent family is one of the most common families and are used in many well-known perfumes. Floral scents are most often used in women’s fragrances, although they are occasionally used in men’s as well. They usually smell like fresh-cut flowers or have a powdery note to them. Floral scents are perfect for the spring and summertime.


Fruity: Sweet, edible and tropical like peach, pear and apple.
Floral: Smells like fresh-cut flowers — imagine rose and lily.
Soft floral: Soft, powdery and sweet with a hint of creamy.

Fresh/Citrusy Perfumes  

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The fresh scent family encompasses clean bright scents. Herby, citrusy and oceanic scents all fall into this category.

More often used in men’s fragrances than women’s fragrances, fresh scents are paired with spicy notes to create a more robust fragrance. Aromatic, tart notes can also be found mixed with zesty or fruity scents.


Aromatic: Clean and fresh herbs mixed with lavender or woody scents.
Citrus: Zesty or tangy notes like mandarins or bergamot.
Water: Aquatic scents that smell of sea spray or rain mixed with or oceanic notes.
Green: Smells of freshly mowed lawns and crushed green leaves

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