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What Subscribers Love About Scentses + Co

The scent-discovery journey is a truly empowering one and enables us to express ourselves in more ways than we could possibly imagine ✨✨.

And so Scentses + Co was born. 

With an average of 4.9 out of 5.0 from about 1,694 reviews on Facebook & Google, we are constantly being humbled by the response we get from this venture.

What was once a dream held by 3 sisters is now a thriving subscription service loved by thousands!

Here are just some of the reasons why customers say they chose Scentses & Co: 

1. The Ability To Choose From 560+ Selections of High End Perfumes 

Even a single full sized bottle of designer perfume can provide enough adventure to you for months.

Now imagine that excitement being multiplied up to 10 times over!

That’s the Scentses + Co experience. 

With our extremely low commitment subscription, you’re able to choose from literally half a thousand perfume selections (& we’re constantly updating our selections!).

Thanks to our premier partnerships & private collaborations with numerous designer cologne brands - you get to choose 100% authentic perfumes from brands like Burberry, Guess, BVLGARI, & many more. 

2. No Strings Attached 😉

Normally you would have to shell up to RM300 for a single bottle of designer perfume. 

With Scentses + Co you can enjoy the same experience without the super big commitment.

You won’t have to pay even a fraction of the price to have access to the exact same fragrance. Indulge each and every month with as many fragrances you desire! 

3. Change Almost Anything You Want… Anytime!

"It's like dating without commitment."

"Think of this like dating, but with perfumes!"

"Truly making designer perfume more accessible."

A Fulfilling Scent Discovery Journey

Thanks to the flexible way we have arranged every subscription, you can customize your experience whenever you feel like it!

Want to add a few more bottles next month?

Want to stop a certain fragrance? Or just want to change your delivery frequency? No problems at all.

Our team will support you in every way possible to help you out. 

Join over 6000+ Scentennials today!

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