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Top 5 Floral Scents Perfect For Spring (For Her)

Spring is just around the corner! The season where all the roses are in full bloom.

It's a season of vibrant color and beautiful flowers. We all feel more hopeful and happier whenever spring comes around.

We’ve handpicked these 5 floral scents to help you stand out from all the other flowers!

1. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb EDP

Flowerbomb is an explosive bouquet of flowers condensed into a bottle.

Its notes of orchid, jasmine and roses form a unique mix of spring’s most iconic flowers.

It oozes femininity with its notes of warm patchouli and vanilla. If any perfume perfectly captures the essence of spring, it's Flowerbomb.

2. Christian Dior Miss Dior EDT

Dior describes their latest creation as a whirlwind of flower petals.

The superstars of this fragrance are Its dual notes of grasse roses and lilies. They create a contrasting mix of intensity and lightness.

A clear patchouli base perfectly brings together all its contrasting notes into a balanced yet intoxicating blend.

3. Lancôme Tresor Midnight Rose EDP

If the words charming, romantic and desirable resonate with you, then this is the scent you’ve been looking for.

The sweet yet sexy blend of rose, vanilla and raspberry perfectly emphasizes your natural femininity.

Its hints of peony and jasmine provide just the right touch of elegance and sophistication. It’s the go to perfume for first dates.

4. Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia EDP

The house of Gucci just released this new twist on their old signature classic.

The star of this show is the gorgeous White Gardenia flower. Its joyful floral notes provide a powerful mix of sensuality and intensity.

The base notes of brown sugar add a delicate contrasting sweetness to its strong floral notes. This stunning mix of sweetness and sensuality is perfect for turning heads at parties.

5. Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris EDP

YSL’s creation is inspired by the start of a new love, intense and untethered.Its exotic notes of white datura bring modern and daring floral notes to your collection.

It is a fresh new scent that helps you stand out from all the other floral notes.

Its flowery notes of jasmine, peony and orange blossom will make anyone fall head over heels for you at first sight.

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