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Self-Healing using Scents

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

2020 has been hit hard, real hard. It started off badly due to the unpredictable pandemic that caught everyone by surprise. Having to grapple with wide range of issues from safeguarding health risks to handling emotional and mental distress in the MCO period, I can't help but ponder "How can I further improve my mental and emotional well-being while being cooped 24/7 at home.”; and that’s when i discover the power of scents.

Photo by Miftah Rafli Hidayat from Pexels

Health, Emotional and Mental Distress from the Current Crisis

The current global pandemic has upended many lives and livelihoods. Countless jobs have been lost while freedom has been constrained to the confines of 4 walls. Fraught with the present challenges of survival as well as the uncertainties of the future, many of us have fallen victims to health problems such as high blood pressure as well as emotional issues like depression and chronic anxiety. 

Do you need help too?

The need to address our health and emotional well-being has never been so imperative before. Many studies have shown that scents have the power to heal and restore. When inhaled, the oils activate our brain's hypothalamus, which controls hormones, energy, and drive. Our sense of smell is a particularly strong sense and effective, as it is linked to the brain's limbic system, which is where our emotions originate.

Extensive Studies Showing Scent and Health is correlated

There are many studies and research showing a positive effect of scents on our health and mental well-being. In a July 2013 study, women who smelled clary sage experienced reduced blood pressure and breathing rates; they were also able to relax during a stressful period. Studies using mood maps have found the scent of clementines to be stimulating while the smell of vanilla is calming, attesting its mood-improvement power. 

My Self-Healing Experiment Begins

Using notes that have effectively shown positive mood-enhancing property, such as lavender and vanilla. I gave myself two weeks by wearing these fragrances daily (morning and evening) to observe how does it affect my mood by writing down how I feel throughout the day in my journal. 

1. Jean Paul Gaultier - Classique

Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier has a base note of vanilla.

My verdict:
I must say, this perfume gave me a surprise. It boosts my confidence when I spray it in the morning as it gives out a sexy but in an empowering way. The dry down is nice and it soothes my mood a lot while wearing this perfume to sleep. Finally understood why this perfume was such a classic.

2. Tous - H2O

H2O by Tous has a top note of Lavender.

My verdict:
Such a soft and innocent smell! It also smells like you're in an expensive furniture store. With its lavender and citrusy notes, this definitely cheers up my mood up and it feels fresh, clean and clear. I look forward to spraying this on myself everyday. 

3. Light Blue - Dolce & Gabbana

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana has a Top Note of Lemon.

My verdict:
Green and fresh notes are my favourite! I wore this throughout the day as it calms me down and keeps my mind awake in a calm and peaceful way. This is definitely my go-to daily scent.

How can Scentses + Co Help You?

With Scentses + Co, we have curated a selection of perfumes to provide different targeted treatments.Beyond “health and wealth”, we have also handpicked the top perfumes which are well-regarded to heal and restore the souls in this trying times.

As Yolanda Hadid aptly puts it, “Every essential oil has a healing purpose, so I think it’s a great gift because it’s something that elevates your mood and your health.”

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