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Safe Blind Buy Perfume Gifts For Her

Our biggest fear with buying a gift for someone close to us is getting a gift that turns out to be a disaster.

If you’re giving someone a gift in the first place, they’re obviously someone you care about.

And you want to make sure they’re getting the best gift possible!

So we put together a simple, surefire guide securing the best blind buy perfume gifts for her 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️

1. Versace Bright Crystal EDT

The Versace Bright Crystal is a voluptuous fragrance, eloquent, symbolizing the Versace woman who is strong and sure of her charm; sensual and feminine, always glamorous.

This will make the perfect gift for someone who’s womanlike and has a powerful, confident side of her. It can also make an amazing gift for someone who’s a little more reserved to bring out the elegant & sophisticated woman that’s deep inside her into blossom.

2. Jimmy Choo For Women EDP

The Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette is the epitome of femininity, luxury and style… A really excellent gift for a woman with an extremely classy fashion sense.

It is a very luminous fragrance that arouses her sensuality and seduction. The warm, rich and woody depths with its fragrance notes emphasizes a seductive and alluring sense with a mysterious sensuality.

3. Christian Dior Miss Dior EDT

To understand the Miss Dior, imagine a bouquet of a thousand shimmering and colorful roses brimming with an illuminating scent that also has a bright & sharp characteristic to it.

This will make a truly masterful gift to the woman who’s made to stand out - and will bring out a highly feminine & attractive vibe from her everywhere she goes.

Cultivated in the South of France by the exclusive partners of the House Dior, it is harvested every year in May, by hand, according to tradition, in order to preserve all the properties of this delicate and precious flower.

Things To Note When Blind Buying Fragrances

In the passionate rush of scurrying to find the perfect gift for a loved one - you can forget just how rich & vast the world of perfumes is.

The chances of you buying a ‘dud’ for a friend is extremely unlikely.

Especially if you are purchasing original, quality scents. You have to remember that the perfume world is a journey and is ever-evolving. Taste is very personal to the person and you’re helping them with an amazing headstart to their perfume journey.

Which is how we do things at Scentses + Co, we have a selection of hundreds of authentic designer fragrances. 

Here’s what they’ll get once they’re subscribed :

1) A monthly selected scent at a 8mL bottle which gives them about 120-130 sprays!

2) They will receive a high-grade travel case in their first month for free.

3) Have full control over their subscription with extremely flexible membership settings. They will be able to fully enjoy the scent-discovery without having to worry about anything.

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