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Let's Talk Scents: Guide to Choosing Your First Perfume

Too many choices and don't know where to start? We've got you covered!

If you have no idea what fragrances suit you, or looking to try a safe blind-buy, this article is for you. We discuss few steps you take can take to find your signature scent!

Discovering fragrances should be straightforward, simple and affordable. 

How can Perfume Shopping be a Simple and Meaningful Experience? 

For any online perfume shopping, our decision-making process shouldn’t be an overwhelming and tedious task, Instead, it should be a simple and enjoyable affair. I would like to hereby help you with clarity by sharing 2 practical conditions which would guide your purchase. 

Step 1: Understand Your Inner Desire and Preference

Our distinctive preference, a product of our personality, is invariably shaped by our cumulative experience of the past.

Have you ever wondered why, during fragrance shopping, a certain scent evokes certain nostalgic memories to you?

Our personality is essentially built around our life experiences, which explains why our preferences are the result of forming positive associations with them.

Therefore, it is timely to discover your true self, a.k.a.your true personality where your preference comes from rather than being shaped by present distractions.

In this way, you can truly choose the right scents from your own intrinsic preference. 

Scent Recommendation for Him:

If you're looking to channel out your inner desire to be an alpha man oozing masculine vibes, try 212 Men by Carolina Herrera.

This clean and fresh yet masculine fragrance is perfect for Malaysia's hot climate. As this fragrance has great performance and is mass pleasing, get ready to receive tonnes of compliments when you wear this out.

If you're looking for a fragrance which has all the quality - good performance, versatility, uniqueness and masculinity, add 212 Men by Carolina Herrera to your fragrance subscription!

Scent Recommendation for Her: 

If you're looking for a fragrance that subtly radiates sweet innocence and demureness, try L'Imperatrice 3 by Dolce & Gabbana.

Looking for a fresh, subtly sweet perfume which is suitable for Malaysia's climate? You found it! It's almost impossible to not feel happy when you wear this perfume, too! With notes such as grapefruit, watermelon that smell very refreshing and light, be prepared to receive lots of compliments!

“Choose the right perfume and you can conquer the world”- Marilyn Monroe

Step 2: The fragrances of your preference must also fit your lifestyle.

As your existing lifestyle is the centre of your focus, it makes natural “scents” for your desired fragrance to complement, and even empower it.

Let me illustrate with an example. If you usually lead an active schedule, EDP would be preferred over EDT as the former is more stable and can last longer.

However, during the course of the day, intermittent fatigue may arise from those punishing schedules of yours, causing you to lose focus and performance. Fear not, productivity-inducing scent such as Cinnamon or Lavender, among many others, could be the antidote to perk you up throughout the day.

A Wheeling Jesuit University study recently found that cinnamon improves participants' performance on tasks that require heightened attention while lavender helps to recharge the brain and improves concentration.

That being said, if you are a first-timer and much prefer an option which is “fail-safe”, you may consider the popular timeless classics. The time-honoured all-time-favourites exemplify nothing short of versatility, approachability and resilience.   

Scent Recommendation for Him:

Hugo Boss Bottled No. 6 by Hugo Boss

This is a must-have if you're looking for a classic fragrance suitable for man with ambitious goals in life. It is smooth, creamy, masculine and seductive. A beautiful combination of notes likes vanilla, apple and cinnamon which gives you the perfect fragrance with gentle yet masculine vibes.

Subtle, masculine yet sweet. Add this to your Scent Calendar today to try it out on yourself!

Scent Recommendation for Her:

Eclat d'Arpege by Lanvin

Are you a student? or a fresh grad joining a job interview soon? This perfume is perfect for you!

Eclat d'Arpege is fresh, clean smelling and has a decent sillage and longetivity. Subtle, natural and pretty scent. People around you will definitely be smelling how subtly fresh you smell with this crowd-pleaser!

Step 3: Consider your Budget

If you have faithfully followed our guides but realised it is way above your budget, fret not, a travel-size pack should aid to your rescue while enabling you to still enjoy designer perfumes of your choice.

At Scentses + Co monthly subscription plan, it not just brings you to a journey of self-discovery, but also provides affordable designer perfumes to your doorsteps while you can relish in different perfumes of your choice every month for just RM49.90.

As Giorgio Armani aptly puts it, “for me, couture is the kingdom of imagination, creativity and experimentation, and this is how I approach it. I do, however, remain pragmatic and realistic

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