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How & Where to Apply Perfume

Perhaps the biggest thing with high-end perfumes is that it is extremely personal. No matter what anyone says, at the end of the day, if you think you can rock it - then it’s the right thing to do!

But there are still a few things you can keep in mind if you want to take things to the next level. 

Where Are You Headed To?

Perfumes are a lifestyle accessory by design, which means how you choose your perfume depends on where you plan to go with it.

A professional meeting, a meet with a romantic partner or maybe just a simple grocery run?

For example, if you are going for a more formal meet, then wearing a woody or musky perfume might make more sense than something more floral. And if you’re headed for a date, then it might make sense to wear something a little sensual & sweet. 

Where To Apply Your Perfumes

Almost all of us have been exposed to the very common misunderstood method of spraying perfume on our wrists & rubbing them together. But do not do this!

How & where you apply your perfume depends a whole lot on what kind of situation you are going to be in.

And generally, there are mainly 2 types of situations - close, intimate encounters like a date or outdoors. 

1.  Close Encounters 

Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels

Maybe it’s an intimate date, a long drive in a car, or a family gathering.

The rule of thumb here is to obviously be very conservative with your perfume sprays - do not overdo it.

Another tip you can use is to focus your spray areas on more intimate areas like behind your ears, on the back of your neck and the sides of your collar.

These are vital pulse points and areas more focused to areas of your body that are exposed to the other person. 

2.  Outdoors or Indoor Venues With a Large Space

Photo by Laurentiu Robu from Pexels

And if you’re headed for somewhere with a little more space like a small event, or simply running some errands for the day to different stores…

You can go a little free with your perfumes & be sure to spray it onto your clothing. Your clothing thread fibres are able to hold onto perfume scents a lot longer than your skin! And if you feel like it, go ahead & bring your perfumes along to top up halfway if you feel like the perfume has run out.

But this is very unlikely the case with designer perfumes as they are quality & long-lasting. 

Overall, however… There are no hard rules.

The world of designer perfume is a discovery journey that gets more rewarding the deeper you go into it!

Each & every perfume has different characters based on their unique scent profiles, which means they’re designed with a very specific character in mind.

The more you get to know these ‘characters’, the better your decision-making process will be with your choice of perfumes. 

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