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How to Stay In Trend using Your Scent as Your Identity

Today’s fashion could be a past of tomorrow

The emergence of fast fashion and seismic shift in consumer shopping preferences have disrupted the fashion and retail sectors.

This is helped in large by digital acceleration when today's fashion could be dead tomorrow. As Heidi Klum puts in unapologetically, “In fashion, one day you're in. And the next day, you're out.”

Keep up with the trend or make your own perfume statement?

That being said, one has to wonder how can we possibly keep up with the rapidly evolving trend consistently?

Or is it high time to make our own fashion statement, in particular perfume, while still in sync with the current times? Before we explore the latter, one has to understand clearly the reason(s) for doing that. It could be because you want to be differentiated while still being accepted in the society. Or it could simply be you just want to be yourself in this increasingly materialistic and divergent world.

As Christian Dior so aptly puts it, “Perfume is a mark of female identity and the final touch of her style.”

Express own identity through the “enable and empower” 

Either of that, surely one needs to be enabled and empowered for sticking to and expressing their own values-driven identity, like your own personality, by pairing with the right perfumes. Your identity can vary according to your mood and occasions, but its core can never change nor waver.

In this article, allow us to match your unique personality to perfume which are in the top current trends, giving you the power to let people know who you are through how good you smell while staying in trend. 

Scent Recommendation for Him:

Playful, Sexy and Confident - Versace Eros puts you in a beast mode and grabs attention from the ladies. This famous perfume is suitable to be worn at parties, date nights and the clubs.Sexy and loud, be prepared to be flooded with compliments on how good you smell - Don't say we didn't warn you!

Another tip you can use is to focus your spray areas on more intimate areas like behind your ears, on the back of your neck and the sides of your collar.

These are vital pulse points and areas more focused to areas of your body that are exposed to the other person. 

Scent Recommendation for Her:

Youthful, Classy and Confident - Versace Bright Crystal leaves people imagining a happy young lady wearing a white shirt paired with a pair of denim jeans in the summer climate when you walk pass them in this perfume.

Floral, fruity yet at the same time fresh and clean. It'll make you come off as someone who's feminine, yet humbly confident at the same time. Perfect for casual wearing & dates. 

Staying in trend doesn't mean you have to break your bank account

At Scentses + Co subscription package, you will have the opportunity to experience different perfumes monthly, whereby each designer fragrance espouses its own set of beliefs and values which could be complementary or even fittingly representative to your own unique personality.

For just RM49.90 monthly, you will gain access to 150+ designer fragrances which are in trend. Ensuring you'll never fall behind any latest trends without breaking your bank account.

Encumbering Mahatma Gandhi’s wise words, we enable and empower every individual to have the freedom for the full expression of his/her own personality - through the right perfume” 

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