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How To Pack Fragrances For A Flight

Going on a flight, whether it’s for business or pleasure, is such a treat. You get to visit different sites, eat great food, and meet new people! And when you find yourself socialising in unfamiliar places, nothing else gives as good of an impression as being confident and true to yourself.

Good thing you can have your handy-dandy bottles of fragrances to keep you company wherever you go for that extra boost of self-confidence. While it can be a headache to pack and travel with your precious perfumes for a flight, we’ve made sure to cover the basic steps to take so you can bring them along and keep you smelling good.

Don’t skip on your favourite scents; bring them along for the adventure ahead! Read on to find out how to pack fragrances for when you’re travelling on a plane.

1. Preparation is key

Photo by Vlada Karpovich

Figuring out which fragrance you’d want to bring, how much of it, and where to place it – carry-on or checked-in baggage – can slow down your packing process. But it’s easy to get around this— you just need to be a step ahead by knowing the right information.

Set by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration (T.S.A.), the 3-1-1 Liquids Rule states that if you’re planning to bring along any liquids (including fragrances) in your hand luggage, you should consider the following factors:

• “3” refers to the amount of liquid you can bring – 3.4 ounces or 100 millilitres, to be exact

• “1” stands for the 1-quart resealable bag where you should fit all your liquid containers

• “1” refers to the rule that every passenger can only bring 1 plastic bag

Knowing air travel policies for liquids is the starting point to successfully lugging your fragrances with you. Have a trouble-free time in the airport by carefully considering regulations set in place by Malaysian authorities as well as governing bodies in foreign destinations.

2. Opt for a smaller bottle

Photo by Harper Sunday

More often than not, you’ve got more large bottles of lovely scents versus small ones sitting on your vanity table. This is probably because you love to hoard your favourites, and we honestly can’t blame you – we believe in the adage “the more, the merrier”, too!

If you have a trip coming up, a quick and easy solution to pack your go-to perfume is by purchasing a smaller bottle compliant with the governing rules. A 30-millilitre single bottle can yield up to 300 sprays, a.k.a. a really long time. If you want to mix up your scent palette, you can get three smaller vials of 12ml and fill them up with three different fragrances!

3. Get a refillable atomiser

Atomisers or spray bottles are well-loved by perfume users since it gives more room for precision and control. Meanwhile, travel-sized atomisers as small and compact as 5ml are popular for their convenience.

If you have a scheduled trip soon, go for fragrance atomisers so you can keep smelling fresh until sundown!

4. Research on alternative forms of fragrance

Aside from the liquid scents we’re used to, perfumes also take on different forms – from scented powder, wax (solid perfume), even roller balls, hair mist, and so on. Each one may be different, but they do make you smell amazing.

If you ever dabble with these alternative forms of scents, don’t forget to check air travel policies before packing them in your luggage. One sure-fire benefit though for solid perfumes is the ease of bringing them along for the journey: no glass breaking, no leaks.

5. Collect those samplers

We're pretty sure you’ve experienced getting perfume samplers when you were looking for “the one” scent. And over time, you may have collected some. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to catch ‘em all!

Perfume samplers are great for travelling because, depending on the size of the bottle, they can last you up to 7 days – more than enough for a quick trip. So on your next mall day, don’t be shy to get that sampler the salesperson is offering you. 

Choose the simpler, more fragrant solution

When it comes to feeling your best, fragrances are essential, so you’d want to bring them with you wherever you go. While these steps will surely help you pack for your next flight, we’ve got a simpler solution for you: Scentses + Co’s monthly subscription delivers you fragrances to try in easy-to-carry bottle sizes.

We’ve specifically designed the bottles to be small so that customers like you will be able to try out scents without fully committing to a big, inconvenient bottle. With a wide selection of fragrances, you’ll surely have something to pack for any adventure.

Whether you’re a casual traveller or a frequent flyer, it’s important to know how to lug around your fragrances wherever you go. Feel free to go back to this guide when you need some scent-packing help. Have a safe flight!


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