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How It Works: The Build-a-Gift-Box 

All Scentses + Co shoppers now have the privilege to gift customized & luxurious packaging for their loved ones.

Gifts are supposed to be exciting & thrilling in nature. Now you can bring that very experience to every Scentses + Co gift you send their way as they receive their well thought of premium gift box with intricately crafted packaging that’s as high-end as the very colognes they are getting!

Here’s a simple run-through of how our all-new Build-a-Gift-Box works & the exact steps on how you can order it as soon as today ✨

Note: All gifts are Inclusive of FREE nationwide shipping all over Malaysia! 🚚 ✈️

Step 1 - Choose Your Box 

You start your gifting journey by selecting a luxurious gift box packaging from an array of thoughtful designs curated by our in-house art & client experience team.

Each & every box is created with nothing short of careful deliberation over the first impression. After all, this entire gift box is an extension of your message - whether it be appreciation, respect, love or gratitude - so every touchpoint matters. 

Step 2 - Choose a Case 

Next, it’s time to select a personalised case engraved with the recipient's lovely Name.

Select from our high-grade, finest case designs - from Matte Black, Rose Pink, Platinum Mirror & more!

Your unique choice of cologne speaks volumes about your self-expression, and the case is part of that extension. This means you can rest assured we put exceptional thought from ideation to production and quality control each & every one of our perfume cases. 

Step 3 - Choose a Card (Optional)

And if you’d like, you can choose the perfect card for the occasion from our in-house collection of exclusive designs. Our team handwrites each and every note to keep your gifts personal.

If you'd like to get a blank card, simply leave the field empty.

Step 4 - Choose 3-4 Perfumes 

And the final step is to select 3-4 Perfumes to be delivered in our signature 30-day supply of 8ml glass atomiser.

Thanks to our premier partnerships & private collaborations with numerous designer colognes, you will have the privilege of choosing from brands like Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Guess, BVLGARI, Calvin Klein & many more.

(P.S. Out of ideas? Select Our Handpick: Scent of the Month and we'll help you with the selection!)

Build Your Gift Box Today!

Wish to have a look at an unboxing video? Click here.

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