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5 Perfume Myths & Mistakes

When first entering the perfume world, it’s normal to bring along some myths & mistakes from before.

So we decided to think of some of the most common perfume mistakes. Be sure to look out for these as a fellow perfume connoisseur! 

Mistake #1 - Rubbing Perfume Against Your Wrists

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Look. we get it. It looks really cool when you do it by yourself but this is one of the most common rookie mistakes made.

Let your elegance do the talking with your designer perfumes instead.

The problem with rubbing perfume against your wrists is that it mixes the perfume oils with your body’s natural oils which not only interferes with the perfume scent blend, but also causes it to react in ways which change the smell in a big way.

Also, this also destroys the top notes of your perfume! Top notes are the easiest-to-smell notes of your perfume like Tangerine, Grapefruit & Bergamot. This means when you rub your wrists, you’ll make those lovely top notes disappear causing your perfume to smell more differently than it should.

Deeper notes or base notes are stronger & denser perfume notes like Vanilla, Sandalwood, & Tonka Bean.  

Mistake #2 - Spray In The Air & Walk Into it 

Another common myth is you’re supposed to spray your perfume into the air like a mist, and walk into it.

This is a really fast way to finish your perfume much faster than you need.

The science behind it is that the spraying device is designed specifically to distribute the trajectory of the spray gives enough volume to your skin.

Most people make this mistake because they can smell it in the air for a few minutes. But there won’t be anywhere near enough perfume to last long on your skin or clothes!

Mistake #3 - ‘Fake’ Perfumes Are Still Okay To Use

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Fake perfumes might seem tempting because of their lower price tag…

But there’s a much darker side not many people talk about!

Think about it for a second. Who do you think makes these fake perfumes? What kind of organizations are they? And how much do they have to be accounted for in terms of health, safety & quality control?

When you spray perfumes, you are spraying it directly onto your skin and smelling it directly into your body.

There have been numerous reports of fake perfumes with negative effects like:
 ❌  Violent reactions on skin like inflammation, skin cancer & contact dermatitis
❌  Burning sensation
❌  Visible Redness & Papules forming
❌  Real migraine headaches & serious nausea

Official tests have detected foreign substances like urine, bacteria and even antifreeze solution in fake perfumes. So think twice before buying them! 

Mistake #4 - You Can't Wear Multiple Fragrances at once 

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

This is where things get exciting the more you dive into the perfume world…

One of the amazing things about it is you realize that you can start combining your perfumes together to create your own unique scents! How awesome is that!

So don’t feel limited by the choices you have & feel free to experiment with all your fragrances of the month. 

Mistake #5 - Perfumes That Last Longer are Better 

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

The strength of your perfume doesn’t usually mean it is really quality.

There are different concentrations of perfumes like Eau De Parfum (EDP) which is more concentrated & Eau De Toilette (EDT) which are lighter.

And that doesn’t mean one is less quality than the other.

Sometimes we only need a fragrance for only a few hours, sometimes there are people who prefer lighter scents, and sometimes we want a perfume to last really long because we are going to be out all day.

It depends more on your unique lifestyle rather than the quality of your perfume! 

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